FREE/DEM is a space for the alternate.

For those who do not have a voice.

For those who exist, but cannot speak out or have their say.

For those who are wise, but have no place to express or share their wisdom.

All too often, we are passive consumers of media and news that is created elsewhere, in which we have no hand, which we cannot prioritize as per our needs. This is an online space where the non-mainstream can set the agenda. Where grassroots voices mingle with those who are passionate about the empowerment of the marginalized. Where together, we can reverse the one-way flow of information, and together make the world listen to what other people think, and the wisdom they want to share. Where, as citizens and human beings, we can talk about how we want things to be, and how we’re making them happen.

FREE/DEM is a place for these voices to set the agenda; to use the tools of modern communication – audio, video, text – to say what they have to say. Where the stories are told by those who are living them. From Ground Zero. And by creating this space together, we’ll make freedom of expression not just a constitutional right, but a reality. We’ll make human rights not just a wish, but a way of life.

It’s time to be heard.