” खिड़किया काहे न लगवाला ” folk song by Mamta

This vibrant local Bhojpuri folk song from the heartlands of Bihar, paints a woman’s desires, in form of a wife’s complaints to her husband. The song compels us to ponder over how the opinion of a woman is neglected in a family. It insinuates that her choices are not taken into consideration in matters such as architecture of the house or the kind of plantation in the garden.

We were introduced to this beautiful folk song by Mamta, a resident of JJ Camp Badarpur. She learned the song in her school days back in Bihar. The song has been passed down from generation to generation, though the origin of the same is unknown.

The song starts with the wife complaining to her husband that he has built a big mansion, but why hasn’t he built any windows. Gradually she goes on to complain about her other desires which have been neglected by her husband. She is questioning her husband that he is maintaining a big garden, but why hasn’t he planted a lemon tree there? She declares that she loves lemon and can’t resist eating them, yet her husband has ignored her preference. Lastly, she asks her husband that all her in-laws talk to her, including the mother-in-law, but why the sister-in-law ignores her and doesn’t share a word.

When: September 2017

Where: Badarpur, New Delhi

Story by: Srishti Verma